New sketch. What do you think about it? Feel free to leave some feedback in the comments below! 


COMPLETED 7 February 2012 #226 zebrush 170$ 18


Hello,girls! What about color palette for this picture?

CANCELED 31 January 2012 #222 TAMANDYA 120$ 3


COMPLETED 30 January 2012 #221 DiMary 235$ 12

Artist Girl

COMPLETED 29 January 2012 #220 rzhevskii 150$ 12


Please welcome my new project. Do you think I need to make some tattoos too? Will be happy to hear some thoughts you may have on the colors and the accessories.

COMPLETED 29 January 2012 #219 OrkusArt 180$ 11


Stylish Emo girl for you all to enjoy. What do you thikn about color variants, maybe I should add something... Your comments are always welcome :)


COMPLETED 28 January 2012 #218 disco_science 170$ 5

Kiss By Love

COMPLETED 23 January 2012 #217 Zlata_M 250$ 13


Hi there! This is my first draft for this project and I am planning to come up with a few color variations. Will be glad to hear your thoughts on it.

COMPLETED 14 January 2012 #211 Ellie_Milk 120$ 8

Emo girl lielman

I’m going to color this emo-girl in pink and violet, like I show it in the sketch. 
And also I would like to make the duplicate in a melancholy black mood with running mascara under her eyes and reverse black heart on the chest.
Anyway, all your desires will be fulfilled.

COMPLETED 10 January 2012 #207 lielman 150$ 6



Cute girl on a swing can be DC Comics Poison Ivy. I'm glad to hear  your comments.

CANCELED 10 January 2012 #206 disco_science 170$ 1
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