Leia is a magical elf who lives in a magical forest. She has not only a powerful force of nature, but also an extraordinary beauty.

ACTIVE 17 February 2024 #1802 MaryArt 80$ 0
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February is the month of love and romance. What could be more romantic than a wedding? I am preparing a very sweet and touching illustration for you. Wedding

ACTIVE 6 February 2024 #1799 MaryArt 80$ 0
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Ice and flame, light and shadow — these are the elements commanded by the mighty Lorca! I will show you the real power of nature

COMPLETED 4 January 2024 #1781 MaryArt 80$ 0

Anna is not like everyone else, but despite this, she loves herself the way nature created her. Anna urges you to love yourself, your body and your soul

COMPLETED 4 January 2024 #1780 MaryArt 80$ 0

She was born to give people love. This is her endless mission! Cupid suffers when his arrows do not hit the target, but she is happy when she creates love

COMPLETED 4 January 2024 #1779 MaryArt 80$ 0

What do you associate Christmas with? For me, it's the expectation of miracles, warmth and comfort. And what could be more cozy than a dancing light of a Christmas candle? But what if you imagine a candle in the form of a beautiful girl? I present to you the humanization of a Christmas candle.

COMPLETED 7 December 2023 #1767 MaryArt 80$ 0

Friends, I have always been inspired by oriental girls with their beauty, grace and elegance. They are gentle and bright at the same time, so I am preparing a real oriental fairy tale for you.

COMPLETED 29 November 2023 #1763 MaryArt 100$ 0

Their forbidden love is tearing the heavens apart. They are pursued by both angels and people. But for the sake of love, He is ready to betray the age-old laws, and She is ready to die. Dying, She is reborn in a new body, and He, pursued by powerful enemies, finds her again. Will two loving hearts be able to reunite forever? Dear friends, I present to you my new art "forbidden love". You will be able to follow the reincarnation of an angel and an ordinary earthly girl, because ahead of their rebirth and new images. And what kind of images will they be, try to guess☺️

COMPLETED 29 November 2023 #1762 MaryArt 100$ 4