Another long-haired beauty for you! As usual, there will be a few color variations for clothes and hair on separate layers. Please feel free to suggest the color variations you would like.

CANCELED 15 June 2012 #311 DiMary 275$ 12

Following your numerous requests, I drew Alice in steam punk style. As usual, there will be a number of layers with different color of the hair and the clothes. The vial and the tattoo of a rabbit with a watch will be on different layers. Please do not hesitate to share your ideas on the color variations.

COMPLETED 6 April 2012 #270 DiMary 275$ 16
Few people know that spring truly comes only when this butterfly appears. She can change color to adjust to the surroundings, becoming bright as a rainbow or black as a night. She sheds the wings when summer comes, to live among humans just for a bit. 
I will be glad to hear what you think about the color variants.
COMPLETED 4 March 2012 #247 DiMary 235$ 14


COMPLETED 30 January 2012 #221 DiMary 235$ 12


Meet sexy Josephine! She loves vintage style and changes her hair color on a whim, turning into a redhead or a brunette from a blonde. The color of her clothes can be light (pink or light blue) or the opposite - black and red. What does she look like in your head?

COMPLETED 16 December 2011 #194 DiMary 200$ 13

Steampunk girl by DiMary

My new sketch. DiMary

COMPLETED 2 November 2011 #156 DiMary 170$ 12

Dead girl

Welcome the day of the dead girl. She will be colored black, red and blue. There will be two layers with two hairdos and a separate layer without the "death" makeup, which will make her look like a vintage girl.
Hope you will like her please suggest your ideas!

COMPLETED 21 October 2011 #151 DiMary 170$ 14

Blave Lily

Hi everyone!
I present to you Lily, outwardly she seems naive girl but actually she is very brave.
She has red hair and green eyes, the color of her clothes green, white, red with gold details.
And how do you see her?
Hugs, DiMary

COMPLETED 3 October 2011 #85 DiMary 170$ 14


Here she comes, just as you asked – a Goth Mermaid. I see her as a brunette with pale skin and read/light turquoise eyes, black scales with specks of red/turquoise, with silver details and chiffon-transparent fins.


COMPLETED 24 September 2011 #122 DiMary 170$ 13

Sexy princess

I'd like to bring to your attention this sweet 'n' sexy princess. Of course, she is a blond with huge blue eyes and intense makeup. She is dressed as a candy: pink with black lacy details. Looking forward to your comments and ideas!


COMPLETED 2 September 2011 #97 DiMary 170$ 14
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