Hello! Here's another project for me! Hope you like it!
The doll will be on separate layer, with many color options of hair and dress and make up! The woman will also have different color options for hair and her clothes!Her hat will be on separate layer. Every idea is welcome!

CANCELED 24 March 2016 #901 Di_Halim 170$ 23

Hello! This is Sonia. She'll be in a beige dress decorated with flowers. Gloves and tights with polka dot pattern on separate layers. Color variants are shown. Your ideas are welcome! xo

COMPLETED 1 March 2016 #893 Di_Halim 160$ 9

Hello! A flirty cupid girl in a lovely dress is waiting for the Valentine's Day to come! Her wings, halo and tights are on separate layer. Any ideas from you are welcome!

COMPLETED 12 January 2015 #727 Di_Halim 120$ 11

Hello! Another girl from me!I was inspired by the winter bird! Color schemes for hair and clothes are shown above! Any ideas from you are welcome, as usual! Hope you like the idea!

COMPLETED 9 December 2014 #716 Di_Halim 120$ 10

This is Anna. She loves painting, reading and loves her cat Simon :)
All the clothes will be on separate layers. So you will be able to choose different options. Her cat will be on extra layer, too. If you have any ideas, please share! Hope you like it! ;)

COMPLETED 4 October 2014 #690 Di_Halim 200$ 22

Marilyn Monroe. Summer colors. Big hat and her Pet will be on separate layers.
Ideas are welcome!

COMPLETED 27 June 2014 #644 Di_Halim 250$ 1

Dylan Massett from Bates Motel series. Will be with and without T-shirt ;) Other ideas are welcome! :)

COMPLETED 12 May 2014 #623 Di_Halim 100$ 25

A guy with guitar. Hope you like it! :)

COMPLETED 16 April 2014 #617 Di_Halim 150$ 11

Sexy elf and Santa romance. Hope you like it. xox

COMPLETED 18 November 2013 #556 Di_Halim 200$ 9

Hello!This is Carmela.Girl next door. Clothes: one short hoodie and one for cold weather; sporty shorts and sport pants. Hope ypu like her xox

COMPLETED 15 October 2013 #541 Di_Halim 170$ 8