Hi everyone! My new project - Sweet Flower Girl. She enjoys being bright and unique. She's wearing a skirt, has a flower and bracelets on a separate layer. Hope you like it  ;)

COMPLETED 25 July 2012 #332 AlexStudio 80$ 4

COMPLETED 23 June 2012 #318 AlexStudio 120$ 7

My new project for you: sweet girl Catalina on a sandy beach, she loves candy and cocktails. She will have a cocktail drink, tattoo, flower, necklace and bracelet on separate layers. I am also thinking about adding the warmest and lightest colors of summer. Her hair, bow and panties will come in a few variants. How do you like the idea?

COMPLETED 30 May 2012 #301 AlexStudio 170$ 0

Mysterious Izabella

This is a mysterious girl with cold and piercing glance. She keeps lots of mysteries inside. Her clothes will be available in a few dark tones, and so will her hair.

COMPLETED 4 April 2012 #267 AlexStudio 120$ 3