Free, seductive and mysterious girl in a beautiful flowing dress.
What do you think about colors? I'm thinking of pastel pink dress, and another version of a dress in neon yellow. Maybe a floral pattern too?

CANCELED 9 August 2013 #506 sumeragisama 200$ 7


I'm back with new sketch! Her name is Lasouritte. She 
needs some love and is ready to give plenty of love back! 
CANCELED 3 August 2012 #335 sumeragisama 200$ 2
Love in Paris
I'm planning nude glossed lips, smoky eyes and black hair.  Beret on separate layer. Few colours of stockings, shoes and trench. What do you think?
CANCELED 16 February 2012 #235 sumeragisama 170$ 21
Sweet Country girl
She has cute braids, awesome cowboy boots and a loving heart. She also has a sweet little friend. Hope you like her!
I'm also thinking about freckles on separate layer, if you like. Any  suggestions on the colors are appreciated!
COMPLETED 8 February 2012 #228 sumeragisama 170$ 12

A curious little fairy. Luck is guaranteed anywhere her magic dust from the tiny wings falls. What kind of colors do you have in mind for her?

COMPLETED 30 December 2011 #198 sumeragisama 170$ 28


New sketch from me. I hope you like it! 

COMPLETED 3 November 2011 #161 sumeragisama 150$ 18


The girl's name is Elian, she is in school and singing in the rock-band. She also secretly writes horror stories and posts them online under an alias Alien. Her school mates can't stop talking about those stories, but none could imagine who the author really is.
I am planning to draw her with fair hair and neon-turquoise streaks. I could also make a variant with red hair and bright yellow streaks.
The leather parts of the apparel are black (speak up if you have another color in mind or colored inserts). The shirt will be light pink with turquoise hem, white skull and red rose. The lingerie – yellow with blue hem.
Will be glad to hear your opinions!

CANCELED 18 October 2011 #149 sumeragisama 150$ 7