Lovely Baby Matilda for valentine's day or for fairytale design or as a birthday present.
Wings and crown on separate layers.

IN PROGRESS 15 January 2023 #1613 LadyMishka 60$ 0
Realtime info: 44$ out of 60$

Cute Kitty girl with fluffy pillow.
For Valentine's Day.
But I will make rainbow colors additionally.
Cat ears on an additional layer.

COMPLETED 28 December 2022 #1604 LadyMishka 90$ 0

Winter Fairy - princess of winter.
Crown on a separate layer.
Snow on a separate layer.
Color options for use in spring and summer tags.
I also plan to add flowers as decorative elements on the crown and dress.

COMPLETED 16 December 2022 #1599 LadyMishka 110$ 0

Sweet Susan with a gift - a symbol of the new year, under your magical Christmas tree!

COMPLETED 23 November 2022 #1592 LadyMishka 100$ 0

Santa Claus Cute Girl. Glass Balls and Santa's hat on a separate layer.

COMPLETED 7 November 2022 #1585 LadyMishka 80$ 0

Hello, friends.
Cute girl for Christmas and New Year.

COMPLETED 6 November 2022 #1584 LadyMishka 80$ 2

Eliza - Lolita-Snow Maiden :))
Fawn and squirrel on separate layers and on separate PSD files.

COMPLETED 18 October 2022 #1582 LadyMishka 130$ 1

Baby and his friend decorate the tree for Christmas.
Puppy, tree and child on separate PSD files + one joint PSD file.

CANCELED 3 October 2022 #1578 LadyMishka 130$ 0

Autumn will pass and we will not notice. And it's going to be a great time for Christmas. And the new year will be the year of the rabbit. So I want to draw a cute baby Angel with three rabbits. Rabbits and wings will be on separate layers.

COMPLETED 2 October 2022 #1577 LadyMishka 110$ 0

For everyone who loves gothic, vampires, kitties, emo and bad girls.

COMPLETED 9 September 2022 #1572 LadyMishka 80$ 0