Dear Suzanne is in a hurry for Easter! Such a beautiful basket with colored eggs and flowers. And a delicious chocolate bunny. The bunny ears are on a separate layer.

CANCELED 6 February 2024 #1800 LadyMishka 80$ 0

Madeleine - the image of a gentle angel or fairy of flowers, with PFD symbols, all on separate layers. A harbinger of spring, love and hope.

CANCELED 4 February 2024 #1798 LadyMishka 80$ 0

Sweet Ginger lives in the North. And she celebrates all the holidays with her bunnie friends. They are white. This is a boy and a girl. The fawn decoration in her hand can be replaced with a decorative Easter egg to use this tube for your Easter greetings. The ears on her head are on a separate layer, as are the bunnies too.

COMPLETED 10 December 2023 #1770 LadyMishka 100$ 0

A sweet girl from the Northern Forest with her friend - a white northern fox. The girl herself can turn into the Northern Fox. You will find fox ears and tail on additional layers. They will be both red and white. So that you can make more variations and use this picture for different occasions. The fox is on a separate layer too.

COMPLETED 9 December 2023 #1769 LadyMishka 90$ 0

Hello friends.
This is a multifunctional tube.
On different layers you will find a bouquet of flowers in the shape of a heart, a puppy, a bow on the puppy, balloons, decorations on the head of the girl and the puppy, and angel wings. So you can use this for a big game! New Year, Valentine's Day, Birthday and more. I will be glad if you like my ideas.

COMPLETED 9 December 2023 #1768 LadyMishka 100$ 1

Friends - Tinky and Winky decided to celebrate Christmas and congratulate you on this magical holiday. To do this, they dressed up in costumes of Santa Claus and his little Elf assistant.
Kitten and puppy separately.
Costumes on separate layers.

COMPLETED 16 November 2023 #1758 LadyMishka 70$ 0

Hello friends. Little sweet Michelle received the gift of her dream - a plush toy of Steve the dragon. Michelle has a Christmas wreath on her head. Dragon and wreath in stripes on separate layers.
It may be too early to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I can already feel the magic of this holiday in the air. And you?

COMPLETED 16 November 2023 #1757 LadyMishka 80$ 0

Warm winter evening. Sweet Rachel is sitting at home with her little friend kitten Cori. They play and drink cocoa from a cat-shaped mug.

COMPLETED 19 October 2023 #1748 LadyMishka 80$ 0

Halloween queen or maybe a PFD queen? Ok, make your choice when you create something amazing with this girl. You can use it in regular clothes for your daily creativity. Or use extra layers for Halloween! There will be color options, you can combine them. Did you notice the ax in her hand? And, yes, I will add some blood at the end for the most terrifying tags!!!

CANCELED 6 October 2023 #1739 LadyMishka 100$ 2

The vampire witch Alita summons her faithful assistant Zikk with the help of a magic sphere.
Zikk, witch hat and vampire wings on separate layers.

COMPLETED 4 September 2023 #1724 LadyMishka 120$ 0