How does it work?

How Prepaid Projects work in a nutshell

Prepaid projects are exclusive pictures created by most active and popular artists. You see a sketch you like, invest 1 dollar and get a copy of the finished tube immediately once the project is over. Voila - an exclusive image at a sweet price.
Invest more and get extras to gift to your friends! Participate in the discussion underneath the project and see your ideas get implemented by the artists.  

You'll get the hang of it quickly! Here's how it goes:

Step 1. See the project you like and press "Chip in" right under (you will be redirected to PFD)

Step 2. Change investment amount if you want more than a copy for yourself and press  "JOIN"
Please note! You need to have PFD credits to join. If you do not have the amount required, please press ADD FUNDS and after funds are added, please COME BACK to finish up.

Step 3. Follow the progress, add comments if you want to see some color variants or accessories.

Step 4. Download your exclusive image once it's finished in your account - PFD Prepaid Projects. If you invested more, press SEND GIFT and enter your lucky friends' license numbers, then press SEND.

Step 5. Time to create something spectacular with your brand new exclusive picture!

Understanding a prepaid project

а) project status (new, active, completed)
b) publication date
c) project ID
d) artist's name
e) target amount
f) number of comments
g) amount raised so far

Customer's standpoint:

  • You can learn about new prepaid projects by subscribing to our newsletter or checking in from time to time. Investing is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons in your PFD account. However, to invest, you must have credits on your PFD account.
  • You can voice your suggestions for future sketches in our suggestion area and see if an artist will pick it up and make it happen. You can also add comments underneath the projects to add something you wish to see in the finished piece.
  • If you have friends that love PicsForDesign artists, they will always appreciate a surprise gift from you - invest 2 dollars to send the extra copy to your friend through PFD interface, or invest $10 to make 9 other people jump with joy!
  • If the goal amount is not be reached and/or the artist cancels the project, the funds will be reimbursed to your PFD account in full.

Artist's standpoint:

  • Prepaid projects are open only to artists with PFD portfolios that established themselves and earned our customers' love.
  • Artists can set any goal amount they wish and keep working on the sketch in the meantime. If the goal amount is not reached, you are free to cancel the project, with funds reimbursed in full to all those that invested. But please do keep in mind that we have a three-strike rule: if you do not complete three projects in a row, you will be unable to post any more prepaid projects for a while. It's best to avoid canceling projects in general, as this will likely affect your future projects' potential, as your potential contributors will be wondering if you are going to finish this one. Realistic prices, lots of fun details and accessories, listening to your investors' wishes (in comments under the project) - these things are very important.
  • Artists can suggest their own projects or choose to implement one of the ideas suggested by PP customers here.
  • Artists get full amount gathered less PayPal fees charged for deposits made by customers through various payment systems (15%).
  • Artists retain their authorship but agree to transfer copyright for their completed projects to They are not allowed to use these products or distribute them in any way.