Hello!)) Let me introduce you to Eva.
She will be dressed in cool silk dress and there will be an apple in her hand.
The birds can be substituted for butterflies or hearts.
However you can choose the color of the dress and her hair.
I see her as a blonde dressed in soft pink. And what about you? 
COMPLETED 5 December 2012 #390 lielman 150$ 9

I would like to make this girl in bright colors. Her hairs can be pink, yellow,  white or red. Dress is red, green or blue. Bright make-up.

Also I'm open to all your desires))
COMPLETED 20 April 2012 #284 lielman 180$ 6

Sexy girl in the swimsuit. Her skin is tanned, the swimsuit is bright color. She has black or blond hair and her beautiful eyes are blue, brown or green.
The ice cream can be strawberry, vanilla or bilberry, how do you like. 
COMPLETED 27 March 2012 #263 lielman 180$ 7
This beautiful girl wears a silk dress with lace.
Dress is colored in azure or crimson, hair is blond or dark. 
Her big thoughtful eyes may be dark or green, what do you think?
COMPLETED 17 March 2012 #256 lielman 150$ 18

Emo girl lielman

I’m going to color this emo-girl in pink and violet, like I show it in the sketch. 
And also I would like to make the duplicate in a melancholy black mood with running mascara under her eyes and reverse black heart on the chest.
Anyway, all your desires will be fulfilled.

COMPLETED 10 January 2012 #207 lielman 150$ 6


Always shocking and charming - Lady Gaga, you can undress her in the way you like. There will be a few variants of clothes and wigs. If you are interested, please let me know which ones sound like fun and maybe we could come up with something phenomenal together.

COMPLETED 30 December 2011 #199 lielman 150$ 8

The Little Rabbit

Hello! Dress me, please… hurry! I’m a merry little rabbit, do you like me?

COMPLETED 12 November 2011 #174 lielman 150$ 21

Kitty Girl

Hello! I’m Kitty-Girl and I’m looking for you.
I like playing and innocent pranks.
What do you think about celebrating Christmas with me?

COMPLETED 8 November 2011 #167 lielman 150$ 4

Emo Girl

My daughter was the one who inspired me to create this sketch. This is a sketch of an emo girl, you can see the color gamut in the right bottom corner. Please share your ideas and join the project!

COMPLETED 3 October 2011 #131 lielman 150$ 18