Glacier (snow) Girl with penguin or snow tiger!!


I would love to see a sensuous lady dressed for winter snow! The colors of a glacier - so blues, lavenders, soft greens & whites etc.. With red hair :) Or maybe different hair colors streak with whites! And on a separate layer an adorable penguin or a snow tiger! Thank you!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

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love this idea

Submitted by Sammygrrl (not verified) on Sat, 11/24/2012 - 15:10.

love this idea

Great idea. I hope that you

Submitted by google_1689650766 on Tue, 07/18/2023 - 06:27.

Great idea. I hope that you will successfully implement this idea.

The idea is so creative and I

Submitted by lovableoccipital on Mon, 07/24/2023 - 05:13.

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This composition embodies the

Submitted by google_1684986379 on Mon, 08/14/2023 - 06:42.

This composition embodies the ethereal beauty of winter, combining sensuality and the frosty enchantment of a glacier's colors

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