Hi, this is my new project
Bright, glamorous girl at the party
It comes with lots of accessories.
Multiple hairstyles.
And I plan on adding variations of the outfits.
What colours would you like to see her in?

COMPLETED 21 June 2023 #1693 Vampira 100$ 1

There will be several variants of shades of the outfit
Animals on separate layers

COMPLETED 31 May 2023 #1672 Vampira 60$ 4

I want to present my sea maiden
The dress will be made entirely of crystals with a gradient effect
There will be two eye positions
Several color options for the dress and hair
And maybe add another hairstyle

COMPLETED 10 May 2023 #1662 Vampira 100$ 0

Hi, this is my first project
All accessories will be on separate layers

COMPLETED 25 January 2023 #1621 Vampira 100$ 0