Autumn will pass and we will not notice. And it's going to be a great time for Christmas. And the new year will be the year of the rabbit. So I want to draw a cute baby Angel with three rabbits. Rabbits and wings will be on separate layers.

IN PROGRESS 2 October 2022 #1577 LadyMishka 110$ 0
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Hello, friends!
The new project is a witch's journey.
Suitcases and hat on a separate layer.
I hope you will like it!

IN PROGRESS 18 September 2022 #1574 katharine 100$ 1
Realtime info: 46$ out of 100$

Hello everyone! Here is my new project "Vida". There is a witch with a lot of accessories and elements.
The project as always will be in a big size and in a different color variations.
On separate layers there will be a witch, hair accessories, a monocle, magic moon, a bat, a magic stick and skull-bag.
I will try to do my best in this project, that you'll like it!
Have a wonderful and magic day!

IN PROGRESS 8 September 2022 #1571 misticheskaya 165$ 1
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