Girl in luxury dress, there will be different colors, lip and eye colorings

CANCELED 7 January 2018 #1121 Satina_Grin 150$ 4

Hi, friends.
It's including many different color variants, all accessories on separate layers.

COMPLETED 10 October 2017 #1103 Satina_Grin 120$ 2

You can make 4 different images: an elf, a vampire, a witch and an elegant lady.

COMPLETED 24 August 2017 #1090 Satina_Grin 115$ 4

My new project a Queen of the Sea.

Soon different colors will appear, all accessories will be on separate layers.

COMPLETED 28 March 2017 #1036 Satina_Grin 120$ 0

Hello! Very soon we all will celebrate Valentine's Day.
My project is dedicated to this holiday.
Will be different colorization, as an additional form of Christmas decor.
Suggestions on color are welcome, friends, I hope that you will like.

CANCELED 24 December 2016 #1001 Satina_Grin 40$ 0