Danger Goth Girl

What do you think? Any ideas about the hair color?


COMPLETED 4 October 2011 #133 Marek 150$ 24


Here I'd like to draw Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What do you think he should be like? I want to make sure he's cool enough, yet you can tell he's a villain. Tell me what you think!


COMPLETED 2 September 2011 #98 Marek 100$ 27

Rock Star by Marek

In my project "Rock Star" I was going for something naughty and unconventional, because this is how rock stars are. I decided it would be great to depict him when singing, so I was trying to make him emotional, very concentrated on his music and of course very charismatic. Will be glad to read your ideas on how to proceed with the sketch.


CANCELED 25 August 2011 #86 Marek 80$ 7

Domina with Doberman

Hello everyone! I am new here, so I really hope you like my artwork. This is the first one right here! I'd like a chance to thank PicsForDesign for his unique opportunity, because I think this project rocks! I noticed many of those writing their comments like dogs, and so do I! I suggest a woman with a Doberman, and the sketch is already available. I will be very glad to hear your opinion on the color! Please feel free to join my project, the more the merrier!


COMPLETED 18 August 2011 #75 Marek 80$ 9
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