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CANCELED 16 August 2021 #1475 rzhevskii 100$ 0

A wonderful young artist and model Renata as a modern fairy.

COMPLETED 9 August 2019 #1288 rzhevskii 150$ 3

White girl as witch doctor + magic book with dragon eye + voodoo doll

COMPLETED 11 September 2018 #1201 rzhevskii 130$ 5

A new illustration for St. Valentine's. A girl thinking of a romantic suprise for her beloved.

COMPLETED 19 January 2018 #1127 rzhevskii 130$ 0

Hi Friends! This is my new projects whose proceeds will go to a long-time customer of our store.
In spite of being wheelchair-bound, Maria Teresa finds time and resources to support our talented artists - and has been doing so since 2010. At this time she needs our help to raise money for a motorized scooter that would replace the manual wheelchair that's getting increasingly hard to drive due to the carpal tunnel surgeries of both hands. Unfortunately, the insurance company, as it often happens, sees things differently and has washed its hands of the situation.
I hope this small contribution will count and also hope you will enjoy playing with the tube once it's finished.

COMPLETED 31 October 2017 #1109 rzhevskii 100$ 2

2 in 1 Girl and mermaid

COMPLETED 23 July 2017 #1082 rzhevskii 150$ 5

2017 year of the fire rooster

Now open:

advance order for  lucky backpacks from PFD

High quality custom-made backpack sized 265×380×140 mm (10.4X15X5.5 inches) with one large zipper section and adjustable polyester straps.

CANCELED 30 October 2016 #981 rzhevskii 1000$ 7

This is my personal project, your contributions will be greatly appreciated.
Tatyana Meletich-Voutsyuk is in urgent need of treatment. Tanya is only 28 and was trying to get pregnant for a long time. After three miscarriages she finally did it and gave birth to a long-awaited beautiful baby girl! It was right in the maternity ward where Tatsiana learned about the horrible diagnosis - lymphoma, cancer of the lymph nodes. The tumor is very big, 13 centimeters, but there is still hope to save the mommy of the newborn baby. Tatsiana is up for 6 cycles of chemo and 10 cycles of radiation therapy. The treatment is very expensive, and it must begin right now! A single cycle of chemo costs 400 dollars. She requires 6 of those and 10 cycles of radiation

COMPLETED 8 June 2016 #924 rzhevskii 150$ 17

Please welcome a special project for Mirella - a designer who's bravely battling cancer and needs our support. PicsForDesign will double the funds gathered and send it to Mirella to show support and help achieve the goal amount.

COMPLETED 23 February 2016 #890 rzhevskii 130$ 7

Dark beauty in noir style.

COMPLETED 13 January 2016 #879 rzhevskii 170$ 3