My new project

CANCELED 4 March 2021 #1443 TAMANDYA 95$ 6

Hello! My new project. Please support me. Thank you

CANCELED 3 March 2021 #1442 TAMANDYA 95$ 0

Winter is passed way and the Spring’s spirit nearby.

Share your wishes right down

CANCELED 2 February 2021 #1432 Zlata_M 150$ 0

Hello friends!
Christmas is almost on the doorstep. And you can think about the sweet and wonderful holiday of Valentine's Day.
For you I am doing right now this set.
You can leave your ideas for a set in the comments.
And I will try to fulfill some of them.
This is CU/PU set

CANCELED 5 December 2020 #1415 LadyMishka 100$ 9

Hello, girls!
This is my cu/pu set with kawaii girl and her 2 bunnies.
3 PSD, layers and color options.
And a good mood in addition :)
Thanks for the support!

CANCELED 3 March 2020 #1342 LadyMishka 100$ 0

Let me introduce you to my new project! This is a beatiful young Snow Queen. She will have ice halo crown, wings and magic wand. There will also be layers with different dress color. I hope you enjoy my new project!

CANCELED 6 November 2019 #1312 Veleri 80$ 1


Hello everyone!
This is a new zodiac sign "Leo"
There will be many color variations.
I hope, you like it

CANCELED 20 July 2019 #1282 Alec_Rud 100$ 2

Wiccan Gothic girl Ellis
Wings on a separate layer

CANCELED 26 June 2019 #1277 LadyMishka 50$ 0

My new project is - cute summer dolly!
Will be layers with different dress and hair colors. Also will be layer with umberella and basket with strawberry.
All objects will be on separate layers.
I hope you like my new project!

CANCELED 13 June 2019 #1274 Veleri 80$ 0

Hello my friends!
Here's my new project "Witch".
I`ll make several colours for hair (black,red).
Hat and blood on separate layers.
Hope you enjoy :)

CANCELED 18 September 2018 #1202 OrkusArt 150$ 3

Hello girls !!!
I really want to draw a halloween set. You see what I came up with. And I'm waiting for your ideas - what should I add to this set? Write in the comments!
By the way, you can use this for your tags and for your kits!
I hope that you will support this project!
Your Mishka

CANCELED 14 August 2018 #1194 LadyMishka 150$ 5

Hello everyone!
Here's my new project "Ceopatra"
Soon you will see here a large number of layers and color variants, as well as various decorations and objects of ancient Egypt.

CANCELED 1 August 2018 #1189 Alec_Rud 150$ 17

Hello, friends!
Who loves rainbows?))))

CANCELED 21 June 2018 #1172 origash 30$ 0


Girl in luxury dress, there will be different colors, lip and eye colorings

CANCELED 7 January 2018 #1121 Satina_Grin 150$ 4

Shaherezada is my new project. Hope you like it, and you'll support this one.

CANCELED 15 August 2017 #1088 StellaFelice7 130$ 18