Xmas Emo
I  hope you like my version of Emo Xmas and you will feel like sharing
your welcoming roof with my little pussy cat Luly.
I will be glad to hear your ideas for the colors.
You can paste links with palettes you'd prefer too.
I will try my best to make your wishes come true =^_^=
CANCELED 29 November 2012 #388 LadyMishka 120$ 2


I'm back with new sketch! Her name is Lasouritte. She 
needs some love and is ready to give plenty of love back! 
CANCELED 3 August 2012 #335 sumeragisama 200$ 2

Another long-haired beauty for you! As usual, there will be a few color variations for clothes and hair on separate layers. Please feel free to suggest the color variations you would like.

CANCELED 15 June 2012 #311 DiMary 275$ 12

Her glasses will be on a separate layer. I would be happy to hear your
suggestions  on color variants, I'm planning to make it in very bright
colors though.
CANCELED 13 June 2012 #309 disco_science 170$ 5


It will be a two layer-one with vampire and other with hot famous guy :)

CANCELED 8 March 2012 #251 Zlata_M 220$ 13
Love in Paris
I'm planning nude glossed lips, smoky eyes and black hair.  Beret on separate layer. Few colours of stockings, shoes and trench. What do you think?
CANCELED 16 February 2012 #235 sumeragisama 170$ 21

Chuck - for all those enjoying Chuck Norris jokes. Hope you like it.

CANCELED 12 February 2012 #231 disco_science 100$ 2


Hello,girls! What about color palette for this picture?

CANCELED 31 January 2012 #222 TAMANDYA 120$ 3



Cute girl on a swing can be DC Comics Poison Ivy. I'm glad to hear  your comments.

CANCELED 10 January 2012 #206 disco_science 170$ 1


Gambling turn her into a devil. The colors I am planning to use are scarlet red and black. The hair will be white but I will be glad to head other suggestions, including about the hair )

CANCELED 9 November 2011 #169 tetsu 132$ 2


The girl's name is Elian, she is in school and singing in the rock-band. She also secretly writes horror stories and posts them online under an alias Alien. Her school mates can't stop talking about those stories, but none could imagine who the author really is.
I am planning to draw her with fair hair and neon-turquoise streaks. I could also make a variant with red hair and bright yellow streaks.
The leather parts of the apparel are black (speak up if you have another color in mind or colored inserts). The shirt will be light pink with turquoise hem, white skull and red rose. The lingerie – yellow with blue hem.
Will be glad to hear your opinions!

CANCELED 18 October 2011 #149 sumeragisama 150$ 7

Romantic phone call

The young lovely girl waits for phone call from her beloved person. I imagine her in tender colors like pink, blue and milky white.


CANCELED 9 October 2011 #142 Aivelin 120$ 0

Lisa by YMFargon

Hi everyone! Here is my new project – an Amazonian. The girl is wearing a battle-beaten suit and has a few scratches on the arms. I will welcome your ideas on coloring.

CANCELED 4 October 2011 #132 YMFargon 120$ 2



According to your wishes Michael C. Hall as Dexter. It will be two variants in one tube.

CANCELED 1 September 2011 #94 rzhevskii 150$ 20

Rock Star by Marek

In my project "Rock Star" I was going for something naughty and unconventional, because this is how rock stars are. I decided it would be great to depict him when singing, so I was trying to make him emotional, very concentrated on his music and of course very charismatic. Will be glad to read your ideas on how to proceed with the sketch.


CANCELED 25 August 2011 #86 Marek 80$ 7