Please, take a look to my new Project. She is a dryad, a tree nymph or tree spirit. She will have her wings, head's flowers, bird and tree crown removable.
Have you seen her eyes? She will have the 2 positions, open and closed eyes.

COMPLETED 19 June 2017 #1075 Pandora-Creations 60$ 3

My new project is here :)
I hope you like it!
Comments are always welcome

Thank you!!

COMPLETED 19 May 2017 #1060 Pandora-Creations 60$ 0

Here my new project. She is Greta, sexy and lovely.
She loves angelical world and Easter time, and she likes to dress up as an angel and bunny.
The project will have angel wings and Easter Bunny costume in separate layers. Next soon new preview for the elements.
I hope you like it.
Thank you!

COMPLETED 29 January 2017 #1016 Pandora-Creations 60$ 4

Hello. Are you ready for winter?
I want to introduce you a sweet girl ready for cold and snow!!!
Color suggestions are welcome.
Thank you!! I hope you like it

COMPLETED 9 December 2016 #998 Pandora-Creations 60$ 1

Hello! New Project here.
New Year is almost here. Celebrate it! Champagne, another glass and grapes.
Soon updates under suggestions. The project is in large size.
I hope you like it, thank you! :)

COMPLETED 11 November 2016 #985 Pandora-Creations 50$ 0

This is my new project :)
I hope you like it. I think make 2 dresses (long and short), 2 veils (long and short) and 4 hairs (long, short, in a bun and in a braid).
Different colors!! make your suggestion :D

CANCELED 11 March 2016 #897 Pandora-Creations 75$ 2

Rocker Girl !!!
T-shirt layers, trousers jeans, blue denim and black leather, hair color variants and streaks colors.
Please, share your ideas with me. I hope this project likes everyone!!

COMPLETED 8 April 2015 #758 Pandora-Creations 100$ 14

I hope you like it. Nowadays, Spring is coming and Winter gone.

COMPLETED 3 March 2015 #744 Pandora-Creations 60$ 12

Sweet girl ready for Easter Time!! And you, are you ready??
Please, share your color options :)

CANCELED 1 March 2015 #740 Pandora-Creations 60$ 9

If you find a star, what would be your wish?
Cute, cute and more cute :)
Starting a new "finding" cute series.
Thank you.
xoxo, Pandora-Creations

COMPLETED 7 September 2014 #681 Pandora-Creations 100$ 14