Paradise kitty

All cat go to heaven =^_~=
Layers with color.
Wings on separate layer.
Yours, Selene
COMPLETED 23 September 2012 #364 SeleneVargo 100$ 7

Cyber Goth Lilith! Yet so romantic and fragile! She loves light cupcakes and pink color.

COMPLETED 24 July 2012 #330 SeleneVargo 95$ 3

Amelia is a very wild cat, so you'd better be careful with her. Black hair with multicolored highlights, bright makeup and green eyes.

COMPLETED 20 July 2012 #328 SeleneVargo 60$ 39
A little goth Michelle with multicolored highlights. She likes sad goth music, the movie "Edward the Scissor Hands" and black cats. 
COMPLETED 16 July 2012 #326 SeleneVargo 60$ 8