COMPLETED 15 March 2013 #425 Zlata_M 250$ 16

A playful girl to wish happy Xmas to your loved ones. Elegant and a bit naughty. Your suggestions and ideas for accessories are welcome.

COMPLETED 22 November 2012 #386 Zlata_M 250$ 4

She is sexy and charming no matter what she does… You can have her in blonde (blue eyes) and brunette (dark eyes), and the variety of tags to make is immense. She can be shopping, standing at the beach or just chilling somewhere else - as long as you chip in of course :)

COMPLETED 21 March 2012 #260 admin 200$ 11


It will be a two layer-one with vampire and other with hot famous guy :)

CANCELED 8 March 2012 #251 Zlata_M 220$ 13

Kiss By Love

COMPLETED 23 January 2012 #217 Zlata_M 250$ 13

I want to do it on the two layers: one is a hot sexy guy with long black hair and burning eyes. His hands are covered with skin of a wolf that he throws, he's still excited by the battle and still feels the wolf while in human form. And the second - hot but not so wild, with ardent eyes and short hair. He is dressed in jeans and on his hands snow-white shirt that he almost took off and it hangs freely exposing his powerful torso.

COMPLETED 2 January 2012 #200 Zlata_M 170$ 15


Please welcome, Johnny The Merry Pirate!
I think he has tricky grin on his face, the hat is removed, and of course a lot of shiny coins and various accessories that he loves so much).


COMPLETED 1 November 2011 #155 Zlata_M 170$ 25

John Christopher «Johnny» Depp

I've always wanted to paint Johnny) and I hope for you it will be wonderful present


COMPLETED 26 August 2011 #87 Zlata_M 170$ 12


So, guys, need to know your opinion ... In which the image should be painted this famous and sexy girl? emo, goth or punk, maybe? I welcome your comments))


CANCELED 18 August 2011 #76 Zlata_M 150$ 20
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