A little goth Michelle with multicolored highlights. She likes sad goth music, the movie "Edward the Scissor Hands" and black cats. 
COMPLETED 16 July 2012 #326 SeleneVargo 60$ 8

Danger Goth Girl

What do you think? Any ideas about the hair color?


COMPLETED 4 October 2011 #133 Marek 150$ 24


Here she comes, just as you asked – a Goth Mermaid. I see her as a brunette with pale skin and read/light turquoise eyes, black scales with specks of red/turquoise, with silver details and chiffon-transparent fins.


COMPLETED 24 September 2011 #122 DiMary 170$ 13

Anna Marine Picture

Sweet and charming Anna Marine, Goth style!

COMPLETED 15 September 2011 #112 Nadezhda 90$ 5


Little Goth girl Muriel with a vibrant pink guitar, for all the fans of music, emo and Goth theme. I am thinking there will be color variations and a few layers.

COMPLETED 8 September 2011 #105 LadyMishka 120$ 17


Welcome a goth bride! This lady has a wedding to plan, and she is ready for it! I already drew a sketch, and you see there are many nice accessories and details. I decided to make her facial expression that way because she is still doubting whether or not to make this responsible decision. So, I was going for a stylish modern goth bride here, and I will be grateful to hear what you think and how you would like me to proceed.

Hugs, DiMary

COMPLETED 13 August 2011 #70 DiMary 150$ 22

Three stylish cats

Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra and I am from Saint Petersburg. I love drawing animals from a new angle, just the way I see them – in a creative and cute way. I would like to offer a picture of a stylish emoticat. We can start with just one this time, but I have more ideas for other cats too! These cats can help you express your emotions, because they are emoticats. You can suggest your variants, how you want them to be. I am thinking, the cat within this project is in emo style, and in future I could make other ones goth style, and maybe even a pirate cat. What do you think?

COMPLETED 10 August 2011 #60 Sandlady 50$ 7
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