Fresh, summer and super cute!
Accessories on a separate layer.
I would be glad to hear your suggestions for color!

IN PROGRESS 3 June 2021 #1461 Ellie_Milk 111$ 3
Realtime info: 85$ out of 111$

Hi everybody!
This is my new project "Danielle".
As always it will be in a big size and will have a lot of color variations. A beach blanket, a ball, sunglasses, a magpie, a cocktail and a cup with berries will be on separate layers.
I hope you will like it!
Have a wonderful day!

ACTIVE 2 June 2021 #1460 misticheskaya 165$ 4
Realtime info: 114$ out of 165$

Hello everyone!
Here's my new project "Lost treasures".
Soon there will be new elements and colors.
Project will be in large size.
Cat, chest will be on separate layers.
I hope you will enjoy.
Waiting for your comments :)

IN PROGRESS 24 May 2021 #1458 Alehandra_Vanhek 150$ 7
Realtime info: 134$ out of 150$