Always shocking and charming - Lady Gaga, you can undress her in the way you like. There will be a few variants of clothes and wigs. If you are interested, please let me know which ones sound like fun and maybe we could come up with something phenomenal together.

COMPLETED 30 December 2011 #199 lielman 150$ 8


We all just need a portrait of Brad, right? ^_^

COMPLETED 16 September 2011 #113 Zlata_M 170$ 13

John Christopher «Johnny» Depp

I've always wanted to paint Johnny) and I hope for you it will be wonderful present


COMPLETED 26 August 2011 #87 Zlata_M 170$ 12

Rock Star by Marek

In my project "Rock Star" I was going for something naughty and unconventional, because this is how rock stars are. I decided it would be great to depict him when singing, so I was trying to make him emotional, very concentrated on his music and of course very charismatic. Will be glad to read your ideas on how to proceed with the sketch.


CANCELED 25 August 2011 #86 Marek 80$ 7


So, guys, need to know your opinion ... In which the image should be painted this famous and sexy girl? emo, goth or punk, maybe? I welcome your comments))


CANCELED 18 August 2011 #76 Zlata_M 150$ 20
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