Liberty is a project of tubes 2 in 1
several colors for this one I hope you like

COMPLETED 26 March 2016 #902 ChrisPastel 160$ 2

hello, my new project is called Plume d'Ange, all the layers are separated, other elements are added, I hope you like this project

COMPLETED 11 December 2015 #869 ChrisPastel 180$ 24

I hope you like this project, other layers will be ad more later for new year

COMPLETED 28 November 2014 #711 ChrisPastel 220$ 8

I hope you enjoy my project "autumn pumpkin", new layers will be added to the clothes and accessories

COMPLETED 5 October 2014 #693 ChrisPastel 160$ 3

friendgirl of sherlock, I hope you like this project, thanks

COMPLETED 17 August 2014 #673 ChrisPastel 150$ 0

sherlock will be dressed with other clothes and a hat, I await your suggestions
thank you

COMPLETED 3 August 2014 #666 ChrisPastel 180$ 7

several colors option, possibility to integrate accessories and other clothing on separate layers, I welcome your suggestions

COMPLETED 9 June 2014 #638 ChrisPastel 200$ 12

this is a young puerto rican, she is dressed in a color of its jerseys flag
I think many countries do to keep everyone happy, and why not add him another garment thereafter, I hope you enjoy this project

COMPLETED 24 March 2014 #608 ChrisPastel 180$ 14

this is a young dancer nostalgic and a little dreamy, butterfly wings will be connected to the tube, I wait your suggestions

COMPLETED 23 February 2014 #598 ChrisPastel 200$ 14

Monia, a simple, for st patrick and gothic, I hope you like the idea

CANCELED 12 February 2014 #594 ChrisPastel 200$ 4