Hello everyone!
This is a new zodiac sign "Leo"
There will be many color variations.
I hope, you like it

CANCELED 20 July 2019 #1282 Alec_Rud 100$ 2

Wiccan Gothic girl Ellis
Wings on a separate layer

CANCELED 26 June 2019 #1277 LadyMishka 50$ 0

My new project is - cute summer dolly!
Will be layers with different dress and hair colors. Also will be layer with umberella and basket with strawberry.
All objects will be on separate layers.
I hope you like my new project!

CANCELED 13 June 2019 #1274 Veleri 80$ 0

Hello my friends!
Here's my new project "Witch".
I`ll make several colours for hair (black,red).
Hat and blood on separate layers.
Hope you enjoy :)

CANCELED 18 September 2018 #1202 OrkusArt 150$ 3

Hello girls !!!
I really want to draw a halloween set. You see what I came up with. And I'm waiting for your ideas - what should I add to this set? Write in the comments!
By the way, you can use this for your tags and for your kits!
I hope that you will support this project!
Your Mishka

CANCELED 14 August 2018 #1194 LadyMishka 150$ 5

Hello everyone!
Here's my new project "Ceopatra"
Soon you will see here a large number of layers and color variants, as well as various decorations and objects of ancient Egypt.

CANCELED 1 August 2018 #1189 Alec_Rud 150$ 17

Hello, friends!
Who loves rainbows?))))

CANCELED 21 June 2018 #1172 origash 30$ 0


Girl in luxury dress, there will be different colors, lip and eye colorings

CANCELED 7 January 2018 #1121 Satina_Grin 150$ 4

Shaherezada is my new project. Hope you like it, and you'll support this one.

CANCELED 15 August 2017 #1088 StellaFelice7 130$ 18

Hi, girls.
I want to create a gothic dark mermaid.
I hope that you like this idea.

CANCELED 28 May 2017 #1069 LadyMishka 150$ 10

Here's my new project Mermaid story. I hope you like this project.

CANCELED 17 May 2017 #1058 katharine 100$ 2

Hello everyone!
Present to you my project "Verona".
Many different colors and accessories will be on separate layers. I hope you like this project.

CANCELED 30 April 2017 #1051 GraceWolf 60$ 4

Beautiful fairy with magical wings and a small deer.
Wings on a separate layer.
Color options.

CANCELED 12 February 2017 #1023 LadyMishka 150$ 1

Hello! Very soon we all will celebrate Valentine's Day.
My project is dedicated to this holiday.
Will be different colorization, as an additional form of Christmas decor.
Suggestions on color are welcome, friends, I hope that you will like.

CANCELED 24 December 2016 #1001 Satina_Grin 40$ 0

Hello, girls!
My new PFD Prepaid: Lolita
PSD, color options
Use for CU/PU, TUBES
With Love
Your Mishka

CANCELED 8 December 2016 #997 LadyMishka 50$ 11