According to your wishes Michael C. Hall as Dexter. It will be two variants in one tube.

CANCELED 1 September 2011 #94 rzhevskii 150$ 20

Rock Star by Marek

In my project "Rock Star" I was going for something naughty and unconventional, because this is how rock stars are. I decided it would be great to depict him when singing, so I was trying to make him emotional, very concentrated on his music and of course very charismatic. Will be glad to read your ideas on how to proceed with the sketch.


CANCELED 25 August 2011 #86 Marek 80$ 7


So, guys, need to know your opinion ... In which the image should be painted this famous and sexy girl? emo, goth or punk, maybe? I welcome your comments))


CANCELED 18 August 2011 #76 Zlata_M 150$ 20

Lafayette from True Blood

I want to give Lafayette, a character from "True Blood" a try. This guy is full of surprises, and obviously he's been out of the closet for long, but oh my god does he have a good body! Lafayette likes walking around without his shirt on, so you can see all his jewelry, and there is so much I can draw… I am thinking he will have this ironic facial expression he usually has when he thinks you are talking crazy, but I do need your help with the kind of jewelry he has, clothes, accessories and such.

CANCELED 4 August 2011 #54 rzhevskii 150$ 17

I thought it would be great to give the world the magnificent Bill Compton, from "True Blood" series. If you are watching 'true blood' ladies and gentlemen, you probably can't take your eyes off the new king. He's even cuter when that powerful, and I'd like to show that in my picture. I am thinking he's standing in his office gazing out of the window and thinking about all the hardships of having so much power. He has this heavy look her gets when he's thinking hard… Any other ideas?

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