Goth Angel Nastya.
Color options will be available.

CANCELED 14 January 2014 #583 LadyMishkaNEW 150$ 16
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This is very sad that it

Submitted by LindaStamm on Fri, 02/07/2014 - 22:10.

This is very sad that it didn't make it.... LOVE ANGELS

Not happy this didn't make

Submitted by mizzundaztood on Thu, 01/30/2014 - 02:14.

Not happy this didn't make it!! Love her work and loved the idea!

Hi I read all the comments on

Submitted by marilyn1952 on Sat, 01/18/2014 - 17:40.

Hi I read all the comments on this tube, I think she will be beautiful if you have colors or greytone...I love tubes will a lot of different options with the tubes...I love your work and never disappointed in your tubes...Thank you..

You're much too sweet with

Submitted by wyldrose on Sat, 01/18/2014 - 14:39.

You're much too sweet with your compliments ((Julie)) & it sounds like we're both going for the same result. And if greyscale layers are quick to do then I would entirely support the idea. I have no knowledge of that part of the artist's work so was just worried it might count as the extra layers that Lady M didn't want to do. I hope it all works out so that nothing is cancelled!

Just on that side topic tho, I really think that newbies should be encouraged to try out more tools than they seem to, & not go straight to the layered tubes with scrapkits. I sometimes feel like there will be an entire generation & from now on who will never really know the joys of learning the program. And I don't even know half of it either! I do like layered tubes, I adore some scrapkits & the pre-made ani's are heaps of fun. There's just so much more excitement to be had with tagging than using those all the time tho. Anyway, wrong place for the discussion I suppose. Fingers crossed we see these lovely lady Mishka tubes come to be!

wyldrose, I know you have

Submitted by maxsilverhammer on Sat, 01/18/2014 - 14:06.

wyldrose, I know you have amazing PSP skills hun (have seen your beautiful work - your tags and your fab tubing skills both), but I was just making a suggestion based on the comments I've read and newer PSP'ers I've talked with. I just don't want to see any of these beautiful projects get canceled, so if a couple of gray scale layers could prevent this, then I'm all for it.
I've already invested and can change colors if I need to, although I don't think I will need to. The colors on this one sound wonderful. Just saying.........every tagger was a "newbie" at one point or another and there are some people who are trying to learn those skills but just haven't grasped them quite yet. Some people, through no fault of their own seem to have a hard time learning these things. (poor eyesight, trouble controlling their hands, etc. - health reasons) At least that's what I've been told.
I LOVE LM's art! I always try to invest for myself and whatever I can afford for my friends who don't have the money for tubes right now. Unfortunately this economy seems to be hitting many of us pretty hard, myself included. I still buy extra tubes as gifts, but not as many as I used to be able to afford.
Peace & Love, my friend. :)

I think we could ask PSP'ers

Submitted by wyldrose on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 07:24.

I think we could ask PSP'ers to learn how to do simple things such as select, promote selection to layer, then use the colour correction tool (Manual Color Correction), rather than ask the artist to do this work for us. Isn't that why we love PSP, for all the tools it gives us? Otherwise we would use Paint or a free program from the web. And it's quite basic - there will always be either someone to tell us how or there is Help button in the program. Just another way to keep more people happy & fewer projects going down the gurgler.

LadyMishka, I understand

Submitted by maxsilverhammer on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 07:06.


I understand your reasoning; no worries. I always invest in all of your projects - layers or not. They are always beautiful!
If people really do want layers, maybe you could just give them layers of separate gray scale sections.
That would work easily instead of your having to do multiple colors. (Like hair, flowers on hair, dress, boots, wings, etc. all in gray scale (desaturated), but on separate layers so that anyone can easily re-color.
Some taggers are unable to re-color portions of a one-piece tube unless the layers are separated. So I think separate layers of gray scale would be a nice compromise if you are willing to do that.
She is very beautiful though and again, I am very happy that you are back with PFD!


It must be where you are

Submitted by wyldrose on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 06:53.

It must be where you are brought up. In my part of the world, those are high fashion boots. Goth boots would be more Doc Martens & the like lol. Also Gothic would not have flowers in their hair. But here on site, it's all artistic interpretation. That part just seems unbalanced to me. But it's only my observation - I was only commenting to the artist what I saw. :)

She is a gothic angel, so she

Submitted by mizzundaztood on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 04:13.

She is a gothic angel, so she has gothic boots. Loved the Johnny idea, and I love this idea! Please make both of them. Hugz~~

No options...No worries. I

Submitted by VegasLady4 on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 02:01.

No options...No worries. I will chip in for anything you create. With or without options, I know how much work goes into an artists creation so keep creating & I for one will keep buying.

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