2017 year of the fire rooster

Now open:

advance order for  lucky backpacks from PFD

High quality custom-made backpack sized 265×380×140 mm (10.4X15X5.5 inches) with one large zipper section and adjustable polyester straps.

CANCELED 30 October 2016 #981 rzhevskii 1000$ 3

Strong and sexy

ACTIVE 6 December 2021 #1499 Ellie_Milk 111$ 0
Realtime info: 4$ out of 111$

Hello everyone!
Here's my new project "Young tiger".
Soon there will be new elements and colors.
Project will be in large size.
Hat will be on separate layer.
I hope you will enjoy.
Waiting for your comments :)

ACTIVE 1 December 2021 #1498 Alehandra_Vanhek 150$ 2
Realtime info: 75$ out of 150$

Hello everybody!
Want to show you my new Christmas project "Brianna".
The project as always will be in a big size and will have a lot of color variants.
On separate layers will be a cat with a toy and a bird with Christmas lamps.
Hope you will like it!
Have a nice holidays!

IN PROGRESS 26 November 2021 #1497 misticheskaya 165$ 2
Realtime info: 156$ out of 165$

Your wishes about colors and details below

ACTIVE 26 November 2021 #1496 Zlata_M 150$ 2
Realtime info: 73$ out of 150$


CANCELED 26 November 2021 #1495 JuliaAnderson 100$ 0

A cute doll with two layers, one Christmas and one Valentine
ALL THE ACCESORIES are in different layers....
If you'd wish to see each layer in a particular color pallete
be sure to send me the color palet to my facebook
So I can make your wish come true...

This is my very first prepaid project ever....

IN PROGRESS 24 November 2021 #1494 SwanScraps 25$ 0
Realtime info: 46$ out of 25$

Sweet and tender with a Christmas mood!
Horns on a separate layer, can you add a real deer nearby? I would be glad to know your opinion

COMPLETED 23 November 2021 #1493 Ellie_Milk 111$ 1

The picture will be multilayered. Looking forward for your wishes about clothes and details for her.

CANCELED 21 November 2021 #1492 Zlata_M 150$ 0

Hi everybody!
This is new Christmas project " Gwinnett".
The project, as always, will be in large size and it will have many color variants.
On separate layers there will be a tiger cub in a Christmas bag, a bell, a girl's hat and accessories for the tiger cub.
I hope you will like it!
Have a great day everyone!

COMPLETED 8 November 2021 #1491 misticheskaya 165$ 10
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