Elf girl with cotton candy and ice cream, in a beautiful outfit with several color options for dress, hair, ice cream and cotton wool, with several decoration options. Wings or cape of your choice. Open or closed eyes. Several clothing options. Color design: green, pink, blue, white, turquoise, yellow, lilac, gold, white, silver.

COMPLETED 20 July 2023 #1703 SvBoch 100$ 2

Retro style beauty, there will be many color options

COMPLETED 17 July 2023 #1702 Ellie_Milk 133$ 0

Rina girl. the image of a rose, a water lily and an oak acorn fairy. Accessories will be added in the process

COMPLETED 17 July 2023 #1701 LadySky 120$ 0

Hello friends! This is my project called "Themis".
Now Themis is a universally recognized symbol of honesty and justice. In Greek mythology, Themis was also endowed with the gift of a soothsayer. I hope you are interested in this topic!
It'll be in a big size and have a color variations. All in separate layers

COMPLETED 14 July 2023 #1700 Obrin 140$ 0

Romantic and lovely

COMPLETED 12 July 2023 #1699 Ellie_Milk 133$ 0

A queen who was betrayed by her lover and a delinquent angel whose wings were cut off

COMPLETED 8 July 2023 #1698 LadySky 100$ 0

Color variations of the jacket, vest and trousers. And also hair.
Thank you!

COMPLETED 6 July 2023 #1697 disco_science 100$ 0

I'd love to hear your color suggestions!

COMPLETED 6 July 2023 #1696 Ellie_Milk 111$ 0

They both have color variations and each one is on a separate layer.
So it's 2 in 1!
Hope you enjoy!

COMPLETED 29 June 2023 #1695 disco_science 100$ 0

Athletic babe, cute and sexy

COMPLETED 27 June 2023 #1694 Ellie_Milk 111$ 0
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