Snow Queen (Veleri)

Let me introduce you to my new project! This is a beatiful young Snow Queen. She will have ice halo crown, wings and magic wand. There will also be layers with different dress color. I hope you enjoy my new project!

CANCELED 6 November 2019 #1312 Veleri 80$ 1
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Oh she's so pretty, Veleri!

Submitted by Moonpie on Fri, 11/08/2019 - 20:22.

Oh she's so pretty, Veleri! She kind of reminds me of a Christmas angel :) Maybe she could have an option for Christmas, since it will be here soon. Her dress could have color options of red, green and maybe like a gold bow on her waist. Her wings a pretty white color, and her halo crown in gold, or another color that might match well.

Just an idea :) It was the first thing I thought when i saw her. I don't know if it will look nice lol! She's so lovely, I can't wait to see her finished! <3

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