Kelsey is a hot girl. She loves Paris and nice clothes. She will be fantastically beautiful  for a month. Who wants a slice?
COMPLETED 17 January 2013 #398 Alehandra_Vanhek 110$ 9

COMPLETED 18 December 2012 #393 disco_science 150$ 4

Please share your ideas about new girl in comments :)

COMPLETED 12 December 2012 #392 verymany 250$ 7

Let me introduce my new illustration Santa in Africa. Not only is it a fine character to work with, but also a neat storyline. 
Project particulates get a PSD file with Santa wearing a safari costume, on transparent background + a 1900X1080 JPG illustration dedicated to the same topic. 
I  am planning to do an entire collection of these illustrations, with
Santa  traveling different countries. Will be happy to hear your ideas
and suggestions for other countries.
CANCELED 9 December 2012 #391 rzhevskii 300$ 5


Hello!)) Let me introduce you to Eva.
She will be dressed in cool silk dress and there will be an apple in her hand.
The birds can be substituted for butterflies or hearts.
However you can choose the color of the dress and her hair.
I see her as a blonde dressed in soft pink. And what about you? 
COMPLETED 5 December 2012 #390 lielman 150$ 9

COMPLETED 4 December 2012 #389 Ellie_Milk 150$ 5
Xmas Emo
I  hope you like my version of Emo Xmas and you will feel like sharing
your welcoming roof with my little pussy cat Luly.
I will be glad to hear your ideas for the colors.
You can paste links with palettes you'd prefer too.
I will try my best to make your wishes come true =^_^=
CANCELED 29 November 2012 #388 LadyMishka 120$ 2

A playful girl to wish happy Xmas to your loved ones. Elegant and a bit naughty. Your suggestions and ideas for accessories are welcome.

COMPLETED 22 November 2012 #386 Zlata_M 250$ 4

COMPLETED 17 November 2012 #385 disco_science 150$ 2

Sexy girl with a furry pet. What could be better for the holidays?
And what color would you like to see Judy?
COMPLETED 31 October 2012 #379 Alehandra_Vanhek 110$ 11
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