Famme fatale with a choice of color variants. Will be happy to hear your thoughts.

COMPLETED 3 April 2012 #266 disco_science 170$ 4

COMPLETED 28 March 2012 #264 LadyMishka 200$ 10

Sexy girl in the swimsuit. Her skin is tanned, the swimsuit is bright color. She has black or blond hair and her beautiful eyes are blue, brown or green.
The ice cream can be strawberry, vanilla or bilberry, how do you like. 
COMPLETED 27 March 2012 #263 lielman 180$ 7

This girl becomes a superhero every night. She has a dark suit and bright shining hair. If you have suggestions for the logo, color or design, write them in the comments!

COMPLETED 23 March 2012 #261 Aivelin 150$ 2

She is sexy and charming no matter what she does… You can have her in blonde (blue eyes) and brunette (dark eyes), and the variety of tags to make is immense. She can be shopping, standing at the beach or just chilling somewhere else - as long as you chip in of course :)

COMPLETED 21 March 2012 #260 admin 200$ 11

verymany psp-tubes

Hot girl with dark hairs and expressive eyes... Please share your ideas!


COMPLETED 21 March 2012 #259 verymany 250$ 22


I am planning to use refreshing spring colors for her. What do you think? 

COMPLETED 19 March 2012 #258 Ellie_Milk 120$ 3


It will be a two layer-one with vampire and other with hot famous guy :)

CANCELED 8 March 2012 #251 Zlata_M 220$ 13
If you have some ideas about color variants or tattoos, I would love to hear them in the comments below.
COMPLETED 8 March 2012 #250 disco_science 170$ 8

Sweet little Lady Marmalade with a fuzzy heart.

COMPLETED 6 March 2012 #249 admin 200$ 7
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