Hello everyone! Here is my new sunny girl Bonnie in pin-up style :). I
am planning to draw her in two variants, her eyes open and another one where she'd be winking) . Will be glad to hear what you think!
COMPLETED 16 June 2012 #314 Ellie_Milk 170$ 10

New pretty girl, hope you like her! Please share your ideas in comments :)
COMPLETED 16 June 2012 #313 verymany 250$ 23

COMPLETED 16 June 2012 #312 Alex_Prihodko 235$ 12

Another long-haired beauty for you! As usual, there will be a few color variations for clothes and hair on separate layers. Please feel free to suggest the color variations you would like.

CANCELED 15 June 2012 #311 DiMary 275$ 12

Her glasses will be on a separate layer. I would be happy to hear your
suggestions  on color variants, I'm planning to make it in very bright
colors though.
CANCELED 13 June 2012 #309 disco_science 170$ 5

Here is another girl I drew for you. Will be glad to hear your comments and make some of your dreams come true.

COMPLETED 5 June 2012 #306 Alex_Prihodko 235$ 19

COMPLETED 31 May 2012 #302 disco_science 170$ 2

My new project for you: sweet girl Catalina on a sandy beach, she loves candy and cocktails. She will have a cocktail drink, tattoo, flower, necklace and bracelet on separate layers. I am also thinking about adding the warmest and lightest colors of summer. Her hair, bow and panties will come in a few variants. How do you like the idea?

COMPLETED 30 May 2012 #301 AlexStudio 170$ 0

COMPLETED 16 May 2012 #297 rzhevskii 230$ 17

Ice cream and a girl on one layer! A few color variants

COMPLETED 14 May 2012 #295 LadyMishka 120$ 7
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