COMPLETED 30 January 2012 #221 DiMary 235$ 12

Artist Girl

COMPLETED 29 January 2012 #220 rzhevskii 150$ 12


Please welcome my new project. Do you think I need to make some tattoos too? Will be happy to hear some thoughts you may have on the colors and the accessories.

COMPLETED 29 January 2012 #219 OrkusArt 180$ 11


Stylish Emo girl for you all to enjoy. What do you thikn about color variants, maybe I should add something... Your comments are always welcome :)


COMPLETED 28 January 2012 #218 disco_science 170$ 5

Kiss By Love

COMPLETED 23 January 2012 #217 Zlata_M 250$ 13


Hi there! This is my first draft for this project and I am planning to come up with a few color variations. Will be glad to hear your thoughts on it.

COMPLETED 14 January 2012 #211 Ellie_Milk 120$ 8

Emo girl lielman

I’m going to color this emo-girl in pink and violet, like I show it in the sketch. 
And also I would like to make the duplicate in a melancholy black mood with running mascara under her eyes and reverse black heart on the chest.
Anyway, all your desires will be fulfilled.

COMPLETED 10 January 2012 #207 lielman 150$ 6



Cute girl on a swing can be DC Comics Poison Ivy. I'm glad to hear  your comments.

CANCELED 10 January 2012 #206 disco_science 170$ 1

Viktoria Zebrush

Hi, here is my new sketch :)
The question is, as always, what palette to choose? Maybe classic vintage, for instance pink and brown? Or something more bright?

COMPLETED 6 January 2012 #202 zebrush 150$ 12


Always shocking and charming - Lady Gaga, you can undress her in the way you like. There will be a few variants of clothes and wigs. If you are interested, please let me know which ones sound like fun and maybe we could come up with something phenomenal together.

COMPLETED 30 December 2011 #199 lielman 150$ 8
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