A curious little fairy. Luck is guaranteed anywhere her magic dust from the tiny wings falls. What kind of colors do you have in mind for her?

COMPLETED 30 December 2011 #198 sumeragisama 170$ 28


New sketch from me.  Any ideas about the hair color?

COMPLETED 25 December 2011 #196 OrkusArt 150$ 14


Meet sexy Josephine! She loves vintage style and changes her hair color on a whim, turning into a redhead or a brunette from a blonde. The color of her clothes can be light (pink or light blue) or the opposite - black and red. What does she look like in your head?

COMPLETED 16 December 2011 #194 DiMary 200$ 13

New hot girl, hope you like this idea and please share your ideas in comments :)

COMPLETED 16 December 2011 #193 verymany 230$ 14


Attractive girl in dark colors with accessories and rivets. Or maybe she needs a bright tattoo or a pendent as an accent?  

COMPLETED 14 December 2011 #191 zebrush 150$ 16

This picture is me wishing for any of your dearest wishes to come true. That very wish or dream living deep in your heart… Let the energy of love set it free. This picture will be A4 size. Not only will you be able to create tags with it, you can print it out and frame it. Seeing this innocent-hearted beautiful girl with holding a magnolia flower, you will experience hope and faith rising in your soul. This is when your dearest wish will come true.

COMPLETED 13 December 2011 #190 LadyMishka 200$ 10


A charming man, wouldn't you say? This is my intepretation of agent 007. Hope you enjoy this one!

COMPLETED 5 December 2011 #185 disco_science 150$ 8


Two mascots of this and the new year are at the same picture! Bunny and Dragon as fancy and girly pair. There are different layers with tattoo, dress, ears and tail and the cristmas costumes for both.

COMPLETED 26 November 2011 #182 Aivelin 150$ 6

Сute hamster-girl

Сute hamster-girl with variants of clothes in different layers.

COMPLETED 22 November 2011 #180 disco_science 150$ 5

The Little Rabbit

Hello! Dress me, please… hurry! I’m a merry little rabbit, do you like me?

COMPLETED 12 November 2011 #174 lielman 150$ 21
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