This is Zelda from 1920's.She'll be redhead wearing black dress (with some patterns maybe) and there will be also other colors for it as well. There will be some rings and bracelets also.This decoration on her head will be on a separate layer. Hope you like it!

COMPLETED 30 June 2013 #482 Di_Halim 200$ 15

Summer, sun, blue sea and a little romp)

COMPLETED 28 June 2013 #481 Alex_Prihodko 250$ 11

Bright colors, a little latex and fluffy. Brunette. But I think over the several variants, too: red and blonde.

COMPLETED 25 June 2013 #480 LadyMishka 100$ 6

Adorable baby will not leave you indifferent. The colors shown on the preview. I want to hear your opinion :)

COMPLETED 24 June 2013 #479 Alehandra_Vanhek 180$ 22

Gothic mermaid with a black fin with flowing hair.

COMPLETED 16 June 2013 #476 rivusdea 200$ 6

Lovely summer Bridget in different color options
I will be grateful to you if you select a color for her hair and clothing
You can leave any wishes

COMPLETED 15 June 2013 #475 Stepan_Esevich 120$ 7

This beautiful and melancholy angel can be use in memory tag for your native people or in romantic tag without wings. Please,leave your wishes about colors

COMPLETED 14 June 2013 #474 Zlata_M 250$ 26

Feel free to comment!

COMPLETED 9 June 2013 #466 disco_science 170$ 11

This mysterious mermaid can be made in different color combinations. Leave your messages

COMPLETED 7 June 2013 #465 Zlata_M 250$ 10

Johnny Depp with guitar.

COMPLETED 7 June 2013 #462 rzhevskii 250$ 1
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