Hello! A flirty cupid girl in a lovely dress is waiting for the Valentine's Day to come! Her wings, halo and tights are on separate layer. Any ideas from you are welcome!

COMPLETED 12 January 2015 #727 Di_Halim 120$ 11

This another fairy. T thng that gothic style is intresting. What think you?

COMPLETED 10 January 2015 #726 katharine 50$ 5

Hello everyone!
I hope you like it!

COMPLETED 8 January 2015 #725 origash 50$ 3

New sweet girl! What do you think about it?

COMPLETED 8 January 2015 #724 Ellie_Milk 220$ 8

This fairy have layer with wings, dress and without clothes.

COMPLETED 5 January 2015 #723 katharine 100$ 11

Winter Fairy. Layer with wings, dress and without clothes

COMPLETED 3 January 2015 #722 katharine 50$ 8

Hello! Happy new year my dear friends!
My new project!!!

COMPLETED 2 January 2015 #721 origash 40$ 2

Hello! Another girl from me!I was inspired by the winter bird! Color schemes for hair and clothes are shown above! Any ideas from you are welcome, as usual! Hope you like the idea!

COMPLETED 9 December 2014 #716 Di_Halim 120$ 10

holiday girl)
I will be glad to hear your wishes)

COMPLETED 5 December 2014 #715 Ellie_Milk 170$ 10

Hello everyone!
My new project "Champagne"! I hope you like the idea. Soon there will be new elements and colors. Projects will be large in size. All new elements of clothing on separate layers.

COMPLETED 2 December 2014 #714 Alehandra_Vanhek 120$ 0

Will come in multiple hair colors, and color combos you all want to see!! So write me a comment. I'm thinking a belt and tights on the thigh area, and bulb earrings. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them!

COMPLETED 1 December 2014 #713 spazz 150$ 9

yay!!!! holidays soon))))
this fairy will fulfill your desires*

COMPLETED 30 November 2014 #712 origash 30$ 4

I hope you like this project, other layers will be ad more later for new year

COMPLETED 28 November 2014 #711 ChrisPastel 220$ 8

The Snow Maiden. My new project!!!

COMPLETED 20 November 2014 #710 TAMANDYA 150$ 6

This beauty in winter dress will be in a few variants.

COMPLETED 8 November 2014 #709 Zlata_M 250$ 12