Little chibi witch for your Halloween games.
All types of licenses.
The possibility to use for kits and tags.
Many color options. Layers.
With love,
Your Mishka

COMPLETED 9 August 2014 #668 LadyMishkaNEW 80$ 3

Autumn Fairy has wings of leaves and twigs and a wreath on his head. High resolution. Many colors. All elements on separate layers. I hope you enjoy.

COMPLETED 5 August 2014 #667 Alehandra_Vanhek 180$ 14

sherlock will be dressed with other clothes and a hat, I await your suggestions
thank you

COMPLETED 3 August 2014 #666 ChrisPastel 180$ 7

Avrora - next Disney princess

COMPLETED 2 August 2014 #665 katharine 100$ 0

Decided to try to draw a guy. Someone asked Matt to draw, so I decided to start with him. There is a suggestion that you need to add to it?

COMPLETED 28 July 2014 #661 katharine 80$ 6

sweet pin-up girl

COMPLETED 24 July 2014 #660 Alex_Prihodko 150$ 12

Alice with Cheshire Cat. Color options. Blood shall be on a separate layer.
CU / PU / PTU and Psp Tube licenses.

COMPLETED 23 July 2014 #659 LadyMishkaNEW 80$ 6

will be a lot of color, hairstyles and clothes) and of course the wings)
Please share your ideas!
I hope you like her!!!
Thank you :)

COMPLETED 20 July 2014 #658 origash 35$ 7

CU/PU/PTU and PSP Tubes licenses
Two chibiks: punk (gothic) and sweet Lolitas
+ many colors

COMPLETED 20 July 2014 #657 LadyMishkaNEW 120$ 1

I drew a new project called - Summer holiday

COMPLETED 16 July 2014 #656 TAMANDYA 170$ 4

This cowgirl is coming!!
Please, share your ideas and favourite colors :)
What do you want to see?? t-shirt, shorts, high heeled boots and cowboy hat. Any changes?? Comment, please :)
Thank you

COMPLETED 14 July 2014 #655 Pandora-Creations 80$ 13

Hi! I had an idea to do a series of drawings of Disney princesses. I chose the theme of Princess on the beach. I decided to start with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Do you have a unique opportunity to gather a collection of favorite princesses. Each will be a few hairstyles - traditional and something new, the choice of colors of hair, eyes, beautiful and stylish swimsuit and dress, such as in a cartoon, but more sexy.

COMPLETED 13 July 2014 #653 katharine 100$ 4

I was inspired by the story of the Gorgon Medusa, which was the most beautiful girl in the world, but was cursed and turned into a Medusa. I decided to draw beauty and turned into a monster. As always - different colors of clothes, eyes, hair, two versions of the girls.

COMPLETED 10 July 2014 #652 katharine 100$ 4

Please share your ideas!
I hope you like her!!!
Thank you :)

COMPLETED 9 July 2014 #651 origash 35$ 5

The girl is the epitome of beauty and purity. The project will have several colors and lots of glitter. Yes, it will shine! Hope you like it.

COMPLETED 8 July 2014 #650 Alehandra_Vanhek 180$ 8