Girl from the North

I offer you my new project “Girl from the North”
Large project. There will be a layer with a naked girl without clothes. Several color options. Girl and carpet on separate layers. There will also be layers with winter animals and a separate layer with the crown of the Winter Queen.
Waiting for your suggestions.

COMPLETED 22 October 2019 #1307 katharine 100$ 1
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Oh I love her, Katharine! She

Submitted by Moonpie on Sat, 11/02/2019 - 23:50.

Oh I love her, Katharine! She will be so beautiful :)

I thought of some ideas! She could have an option of fairy wings or angel wings. She can be a winter fairy queen or angel queen! Or maybe a more goth-like options, or even a steampunk fairy queen ( I know this isn't really winter-theme, but just an idea!). Maybe different colors for the hair ( I love the blonde, so please keep that! xD)

Just some ideas to think about..thank you Katharine! I know she will be beautiful <3

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