Let me introduce you to Annabel. She is a luxurious girl who does not shy about his body. She is dressed in a light transparent robe and underwear. Color of clothes are in the picture.
I hope you enjoyed :)

COMPLETED 11 April 2013 #434 Alehandra_Vanhek 160$ 8
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I have totally chipped in

Submitted by Muriel (not verified) on Wed, 05/08/2013 - 15:53.

I have totally chipped in Love the colors , pose , facial expression!
I could go on forever. This tube is beautiful!

I love her! I've chipped in

Submitted by Hookah (not verified) on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 18:29.

I love her! I've chipped in and I can't wait for her to be finished :)

its looking beautiful :)

Submitted by Cat Jag (not verified) on Thu, 05/02/2013 - 20:13.

its looking beautiful :)

She's beautiful!! I look

Submitted by Julie (not verified) on Thu, 05/02/2013 - 16:08.

She's beautiful!! I look forward to seeing the color layers! Chipping in some more today. I really love when artists add extra layers. Thank you! :-)

i liked the way it looked

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 22:49.

i liked the way it looked without the flower in her hair. Flower makes it look a bit tacky imo

transparency and nude gir

Submitted by karyna (not verified) on Fri, 04/12/2013 - 15:21.

transparency and nude gir please is mor sexy

Very elegant , LOVE the

Submitted by Shelli_M (not verified) on Thu, 04/11/2013 - 13:15.

Very elegant , LOVE the smoky eyes look

Lines look nice,would be

Submitted by Psycojimi (not verified) on Thu, 04/11/2013 - 13:08.

Lines look nice,would be great if you added black hair as well. ;)
Can't wait to the finished piece.

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