Hi everyone!
This is new tube "Alaia".
As always the picture will be in a big size and will have a lot of color variations.
On separate layers will be a cat with a cake, the cake, fruits and balloons.
Have a great day!

COMPLETED 8 April 2022 #1532 misticheskaya 165$ 4
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Submitted by Garden2 on Mon, 04/25/2022 - 15:59.


Thank you for your

Submitted by misticheskaya on Sun, 04/24/2022 - 13:42.

Thank you for your comments!
A cake with the cat are on the same layer, about hair I'll think in next works

Oh this looks adorable and I

Submitted by LACTags on Fri, 04/22/2022 - 20:41.

Oh this looks adorable and I am looking forward to receiving it. :)

Is the cat a separate layer from the cake?

Respectfully, have you ever considered placing hair color options on separate layers? We could then select hair color with your merged clothing layers ourselves.


Submitted by Chanceszar on Thu, 04/21/2022 - 03:18.


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