Many colors and some textores for dress and shoes.

COMPLETED 17 May 2014 #625 LadyMishkaNEW 150$ 8

Dylan Massett from Bates Motel series. Will be with and without T-shirt ;) Other ideas are welcome! :)

COMPLETED 12 May 2014 #623 Di_Halim 100$ 25


Lovely and cute Fairy. She is a bit shy. She loves her flowers. Layer options: wings and stockings separate in other layer, flowers (head and hands) optional with color variants, and dress removable.
Please, post your color options. Suggestions are welcome.
I hope you like her!!!
Thank you :)

COMPLETED 4 May 2014 #622 Pandora-Creations 80$ 47

I will be glad to hear your wishes)

COMPLETED 28 April 2014 #619 Ellie_Milk 160$ 15

A guy with guitar. Hope you like it! :)

COMPLETED 16 April 2014 #617 Di_Halim 150$ 11

Rock girl. She will be very special and sexy. She will have multiple layers, as always. In my best traditions.

COMPLETED 11 April 2014 #616 Alehandra_Vanhek 200$ 7

New prepaid drawing from me will be called Fan Girl. I would like suggestions on which layers you would like to see. Flags for countries, sports teams, hair colors. I am welcome to any suggestions. Thank you in advance for your input.

COMPLETED 10 April 2014 #615 trinita 180$ 50

Girl with a guitar. Her name is Keyes.
If you have suggestions, please post them in the comments.
I'll color options as well.

COMPLETED 31 March 2014 #611 Orvokki 70$ 7

Dark, gothic and sexy. Comments are welcome :)

COMPLETED 26 March 2014 #610 Pandora-Creations 80$ 9

this is a young puerto rican, she is dressed in a color of its jerseys flag
I think many countries do to keep everyone happy, and why not add him another garment thereafter, I hope you enjoy this project

COMPLETED 24 March 2014 #608 ChrisPastel 180$ 14
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