Cute dog in winter clothes with several different layering options

COMPLETED 19 December 2022 #1600 Zlata_M 120$ 0

Winter Fairy - princess of winter.
Crown on a separate layer.
Snow on a separate layer.
Color options for use in spring and summer tags.
I also plan to add flowers as decorative elements on the crown and dress.

COMPLETED 16 December 2022 #1599 LadyMishka 110$ 0


CANCELED 16 December 2022 #1598 dreams 100000$ 0

Hello everyone!
Here's my new project "Beautiful Swans".
Soon there will be new elements and colors.
Project will be in large size.
Swans will be on separate layers.
I hope you will enjoy.
Waiting for your comments :)

COMPLETED 11 December 2022 #1597 Alehandra_Vanhek 150$ 6

Sleepover cutie at girlfriend's

COMPLETED 6 December 2022 #1596 Ellie_Milk 111$ 0

This Cutie will bring
christmas colors
+ 3 other colors
also 4 matching items

COMPLETED 30 November 2022 #1595 SwanScraps 30$ 0

Hello friends!
Each character on a separate layer
Gifts and bingal lights also on separate layers
really hope you like it!

COMPLETED 27 November 2022 #1594 katharine 150$ 0

Shines brighter than all and charges with joy!

COMPLETED 24 November 2022 #1593 Ellie_Milk 111$ 2

Sweet Susan with a gift - a symbol of the new year, under your magical Christmas tree!

COMPLETED 23 November 2022 #1592 LadyMishka 100$ 0

Hi friends!
Want to show you my new project for Christmas "Eleanor".
As always it'll be in a big size and will have a lot of interesting color variations.
On separate layers there will be a girl, Christmas pie, a book, a rabbit, sledges with muffins and a hedgehog with magical snow globe.
Hope you'll like this project!
Have a magical day!

COMPLETED 23 November 2022 #1591 misticheskaya 165$ 1
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