Description: a sweet cutie for St. Valentine's Day. Which colors would you like to see? I can make a few color variations. Right now I see her as a blonde with pink highlights, wearing a cherry latex dress with hearts and white stockings. 
Hope you love my idea and can use the character to come up with many beautiful tags!
CANCELED 23 January 2013 #400 Wasabi 235$ 8

Dear friends! Since I am leaving for vacation in two weeks, this will be the maximum period for investments, not the usual 30 days. Color variants will be available for this project.

COMPLETED 23 May 2012 #299 LadyMishka 100$ 7

New hot girl with expressive eyes and sensual lips. Please share your ideas in comments:)
COMPLETED 7 May 2012 #293 verymany 250$ 9

My new project. The warm and beautiful weather outsides served as inspiration to me. Any particular color you would like to see her in?

COMPLETED 7 May 2012 #292 Ellie_Milk 170$ 11
This beautiful girl wears a silk dress with lace.
Dress is colored in azure or crimson, hair is blond or dark. 
Her big thoughtful eyes may be dark or green, what do you think?
COMPLETED 17 March 2012 #256 lielman 150$ 18

Sexy and delicious - can be yours if you care to support her successful career on prepaid Projects

COMPLETED 4 March 2012 #248 Alex_Prihodko 235$ 20

I want to do it on the two layers: one is a hot sexy guy with long black hair and burning eyes. His hands are covered with skin of a wolf that he throws, he's still excited by the battle and still feels the wolf while in human form. And the second - hot but not so wild, with ardent eyes and short hair. He is dressed in jeans and on his hands snow-white shirt that he almost took off and it hangs freely exposing his powerful torso.

COMPLETED 2 January 2012 #200 Zlata_M 170$ 15

emo girl sketch

COMPLETED 12 October 2011 #146 dublduch 120$ 6

yellow leaves

COMPLETED 14 September 2011 #110 rzhevskii 100$ 7

John Christopher «Johnny» Depp

I've always wanted to paint Johnny) and I hope for you it will be wonderful present


COMPLETED 26 August 2011 #87 Zlata_M 170$ 12
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