COMPLETED 25 April 2012 #285 disco_science 150$ 7

I would like to make this girl in bright colors. Her hairs can be pink, yellow,  white or red. Dress is red, green or blue. Bright make-up.

Also I'm open to all your desires))
COMPLETED 20 April 2012 #284 lielman 180$ 6

Sexy French Girl in white lacy lingerie. On separate layers takes in two colors-dark blue and pink, and an elegant suit. Your choice - red jacket and black skirt, or a peach jacket and pink skirt.

COMPLETED 17 April 2012 #282 Alehandra_Vanhek 120$ 9

A beautiful girl in a leather jacket. Probably with a violet t-shirt. Any ideas for a pic on the cap?

COMPLETED 16 April 2012 #281 zebrush 170$ 36

a sunny blondie

I think this is going to be a sunny blondie wearing bright sneakers, possibly with bright highlights in her hair. I am looking forward to your comments and ideas!

COMPLETED 13 April 2012 #279 Ellie_Milk 130$ 8

Sweet Raspberry Girl in Kitty glasses with her cute white little puppy named Berry. She will be a blondie, pink highlights, a few color variations

COMPLETED 12 April 2012 #276 LadyMishka 200$ 8

Alex Prihodko

This girl is a socialite that always has a new outfit to show off. I am planning to make her in colors black and pink, with black hair and blue eyes. Your ideas are always welcome. 
COMPLETED 12 April 2012 #275 Alex_Prihodko 235$ 16

Following your numerous requests, I drew Alice in steam punk style. As usual, there will be a number of layers with different color of the hair and the clothes. The vial and the tattoo of a rabbit with a watch will be on different layers. Please do not hesitate to share your ideas on the color variations.

COMPLETED 6 April 2012 #270 DiMary 275$ 16

We already had Johnny Depp in ripped shirt and jeans, so I decided to draw him in clothes that are rather smart.

COMPLETED 5 April 2012 #269 rzhevskii 230$ 19

Mysterious Izabella

This is a mysterious girl with cold and piercing glance. She keeps lots of mysteries inside. Her clothes will be available in a few dark tones, and so will her hair.

COMPLETED 4 April 2012 #267 AlexStudio 120$ 3

Famme fatale with a choice of color variants. Will be happy to hear your thoughts.

COMPLETED 3 April 2012 #266 disco_science 170$ 4

COMPLETED 28 March 2012 #264 LadyMishka 200$ 10

Sexy girl in the swimsuit. Her skin is tanned, the swimsuit is bright color. She has black or blond hair and her beautiful eyes are blue, brown or green.
The ice cream can be strawberry, vanilla or bilberry, how do you like. 
COMPLETED 27 March 2012 #263 lielman 180$ 7

This girl becomes a superhero every night. She has a dark suit and bright shining hair. If you have suggestions for the logo, color or design, write them in the comments!

COMPLETED 23 March 2012 #261 Aivelin 150$ 2

She is sexy and charming no matter what she does… You can have her in blonde (blue eyes) and brunette (dark eyes), and the variety of tags to make is immense. She can be shopping, standing at the beach or just chilling somewhere else - as long as you chip in of course :)

COMPLETED 21 March 2012 #260 admin 200$ 11