COMPLETED 16 June 2012 #312 Alex_Prihodko 235$ 12

Here is another girl I drew for you. Will be glad to hear your comments and make some of your dreams come true.

COMPLETED 5 June 2012 #306 Alex_Prihodko 235$ 19

COMPLETED 31 May 2012 #302 disco_science 170$ 2

My new project for you: sweet girl Catalina on a sandy beach, she loves candy and cocktails. She will have a cocktail drink, tattoo, flower, necklace and bracelet on separate layers. I am also thinking about adding the warmest and lightest colors of summer. Her hair, bow and panties will come in a few variants. How do you like the idea?

COMPLETED 30 May 2012 #301 AlexStudio 170$ 0

Dear friends! Since I am leaving for vacation in two weeks, this will be the maximum period for investments, not the usual 30 days. Color variants will be available for this project.

COMPLETED 23 May 2012 #299 LadyMishka 100$ 7

COMPLETED 16 May 2012 #297 rzhevskii 230$ 17

Ice cream and a girl on one layer! A few color variants

COMPLETED 14 May 2012 #295 LadyMishka 120$ 7

New hot girl with expressive eyes and sensual lips. Please share your ideas in comments:)
COMPLETED 7 May 2012 #293 verymany 250$ 9

My new project. The warm and beautiful weather outsides served as inspiration to me. Any particular color you would like to see her in?

COMPLETED 7 May 2012 #292 Ellie_Milk 170$ 11

Everything on one layer, with the butterfly on a separate one. 
Wishing you the spring mood and lot of love!
You can write any message for your loved ones and friends inside the huge heart!
COMPLETED 1 May 2012 #289 LadyMishka 70$ 7

COMPLETED 25 April 2012 #285 disco_science 150$ 7

I would like to make this girl in bright colors. Her hairs can be pink, yellow,  white or red. Dress is red, green or blue. Bright make-up.

Also I'm open to all your desires))
COMPLETED 20 April 2012 #284 lielman 180$ 6

Sexy French Girl in white lacy lingerie. On separate layers takes in two colors-dark blue and pink, and an elegant suit. Your choice - red jacket and black skirt, or a peach jacket and pink skirt.

COMPLETED 17 April 2012 #282 Alehandra_Vanhek 120$ 9

A beautiful girl in a leather jacket. Probably with a violet t-shirt. Any ideas for a pic on the cap?

COMPLETED 16 April 2012 #281 zebrush 170$ 36

a sunny blondie

I think this is going to be a sunny blondie wearing bright sneakers, possibly with bright highlights in her hair. I am looking forward to your comments and ideas!

COMPLETED 13 April 2012 #279 Ellie_Milk 130$ 8