Hello everyone. Here's my new idea for a prepaid project. What do you think about it?

COMPLETED 19 September 2023 #1735 odi.arty 100$ 0

Fluffy bunny goes to Halloween

COMPLETED 17 September 2023 #1734 Ellie_Milk 111$ 1

Party in shades of pink

COMPLETED 16 September 2023 #1733 Ellie_Milk 111$ 0

Hello everyone!
Here's my new project "Magic frogs".
Soon there will be colors.
Pumpkins, hat, frogs, candles, gravestone will be on separate layers.
I hope you will enjoy.
Waiting for your comments :)

COMPLETED 10 September 2023 #1731 Alehandra_Vanhek 35$ 0

Shining and enchanting

COMPLETED 9 September 2023 #1730 Ellie_Milk 111$ 2

Hello! My new project! Wings, flowers and crown are on separate layers, in the hands there will be a witch's staff. Many color options. The file will also contain PNG layers.

COMPLETED 7 September 2023 #1728 katharine 100$ 0

Hello dear friends!
Cute kitty for Halloween! Books, cute star and accessories on a separate layer.
I hope you enjoy my new work filled with magic))

COMPLETED 6 September 2023 #1727 Fiodorova_Maria 100$ 0

There are devils in a quiet place - a beautiful girl can turn out to be a wounded vampire or even a worshiper of Satan.

COMPLETED 5 September 2023 #1726 LadySky 100$ 0

The tube will be developed to support those who suffer from Cancer.

COMPLETED 5 September 2023 #1725 LadySky 100$ 2

The vampire witch Alita summons her faithful assistant Zikk with the help of a magic sphere.
Zikk, witch hat and vampire wings on separate layers.

COMPLETED 4 September 2023 #1724 LadyMishka 120$ 0

Young witch Christina. She is holding a skull, a crystal magic ball and a cute pumpkin in her hand. Witch hat on a separate layer. All the attributes for a real Walpurgis night! But in the morning she can become an ordinary girl. Just turn off all extra layers. And in front of you will be a nice girl with a beautiful dress.

COMPLETED 1 September 2023 #1723 LadyMishka 100$ 0

Cunning, powerful and cute

COMPLETED 1 September 2023 #1722 Ellie_Milk 111$ 0

Little Alpaca is studying witchcraft at the High School of Magic. His friend Batty helps him in every possible way. This time they are brewing a magic potion. What do you think this potion is?
Each element is separate. You can play with it and move around. There will be color options. Let's do the magic of creativity together!

COMPLETED 29 August 2023 #1720 LadyMishka 120$ 0

In a world that sometimes seems to overlook the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, there shines a bright light of resilience and determination. Through their stories, we are reminded that life's most significant battles are often fought with a spirit that refuses to surrender.
I am thrilled to introduce you to my latest artwork, a piece that holds a special place in my heart.
In this painting, you will meet a remarkable young woman in a wheelchair. She has a profound love for music and dance. Despite the challenges life has presented her, she exudes an incredible zest for life and an unwavering determination to embrace every moment.
Her story is a testament to the power of music and dance to uplift and inspire us, transcending physical limitations. I hope that her radiant smile and the vibrant colors of her world convey the message that we should never let obstacles hinder our pursuit of happiness.
I truly hope that this project will resonate in your hearts!

COMPLETED 28 August 2023 #1719 tkanaari 100$ 0

Hello friends! New project for you “ Moon witch”. Lots of layers and color variations. PNG files included. Lots of layers and color variations. PNG files included.

COMPLETED 27 August 2023 #1718 katharine 100$ 1