Lost Girl AND The Originals


Here are two of my favorite shows. Lost girl kicks butt. It dwells in the FAE world with tons of different creatures and species with special abilities. Having a Bo (Succubus), Kenzsi (Human), Dyson (Wolf), Hale (Siren) or Trick (The Blood King) tube would just RAWK! If you have not watched the show you need to.
The Originals deals with 3 vampires (Klauss, Rebekka and Elijah) who are the Original vampires and can not be killed. The deal with Werewolves (which Klauss is part werewolf among being vampire) such as Marcel, and even witches. Making tubes of the Originals and even Marcel would be just super.

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Yes, The Originals!! Love

Submitted by elle on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 05:27.

Yes, The Originals!! Love that idea

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