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I am a big beatles fan and I thought it would be great to get characters based on Beatles songs (ie Penny Lane, Lucy in the Sky w/Diamonds, etc). I know it's pretty niche but I also think you can really get creative and come up with some art that is different.

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Creating characters based on

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Creating characters based on Beatles songs will bring uniqueness and excitement to fans of this legendary group.

That's a great idea! Creating

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That's a great idea! Creating character designs based on Beatles songs would definitely allow for a lot of creativity and unique artwork. There are so many iconic songs with interesting lyrics and imagery that could be used as inspiration.

That is a clever and

Submitted by google_1679688587 on Thu, 05/25/2023 - 06:41.

That is a clever and enjoyable idea! There are countless options available, and you may build a genuinely original and inventive universe using The Beatles' immortal music as inspiration.

That's a fantastic idea!

Submitted by google_1663058695 on Tue, 06/06/2023 - 10:17.

That's a fantastic idea! Creating characters based on Beatles songs can indeed lead to some unique and creative artwork. A whimsical and carefree character with a love for flowers and music. She could have a flower crown, and a flowing dress, and carry a bag filled with colorful petals.

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