Horror Movie Characters


I would love to see Horror Movie characters like Freddy or Jason. Maybe have them together (like how they were in Freddy vs Jason) or seperate. Some Chucky, Texas Chainsaw, Night of the Living Dead (the young girl-Karen or the old man from the beginning that was in the cemetarty the first one after Barbara), Mike Myers, Linda Blair in the excorist Before and After she was possessed (OMG that would be AWESOME) .. Maybe though she was not really horror, but Carol - Anne from Poltergist. I loved those movies and her character. Have different options, hair colors or have one creepy and one not with the characters... that would be cool. I see a lot of beautiful woman tubes n hot looking guys.. Be nice to change it a bit and have something creepy, different yet AWESOME :)

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I would like to see more

Submitted by Cookie on Mon, 10/07/2013 - 18:20.

I would like to see more theme tubes like this released at PFD store.
That would be great!

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