sexy modern housewife


i love the idea of a super sexy modern housewife. apron with gloves hanging out of her pocket, but with colored streaks in her hair, an mp3 player, hot pink lipstick, etc. just a more modern take than 1950's classic housewife (which i def love, don't get me wrong LOL) ty for your hard work PFD artists

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It's great that you

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It's great that you appreciate the work of PFD (Presets for Discord) artists and their ability to bring ideas to life through their artistic skills.

It sounds like you have a fun

Submitted by google_1684986379 on Mon, 10/09/2023 - 06:29.

It sounds like you have a fun and creative vision for a modern twist on the classic housewife look. It's a great way to blend the classic and the contemporary to create something fresh and exciting

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This fusion of vintage and modern elements can result in a visually interesting and dynamic character design. Artists often enjoy exploring new and imaginative concepts, so your vision could be a fun and exciting project for them.

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